Hermes The Eminent French Branded Handbags & Belts

“Hermes is an Olympian god of Greek and it was derived from the ancient word which means mercury. The handbags always stand in its brand name representing the high quality, style and always understand the taste of French trends. Under this consideration, the products are designed and manufactured to meet the latest ages. By gathering most trended craftsman to increase the class and the brand quality makes the product to step up its unique brand name. The brand name alone gives honor to the user and never put them behind the fashion. The belt for men brings a new trend and makes them feel rich in the latest fashion.

The Hermes started its business in the clothing industries in the year 1837, and later around 1950 to 1960 it started to manufacture leather bags, scarf, suits, and shoes. And later they segregated them self according to their production. Hermes Perfumes, Sellier and La Montre Hermes, as they started to make the production of the best products in the market. As their products are best in quality and trend they archived the best result for their brand name in short term period. Hermes bag outlet was opened around Paris as they got lots of customers.

The belts are most famous among the men’s of Europe as they are rich in quality and also meets the latest trend, those are handmade leather belts with different colors and varieties and it was manufactured in customers taste in order as they can get their preferred model according to their wish. The logo H shows the symbol of Hermes and it shows the brand of the product it’s a unique symbol that the men’s prefer the most in their belts.

The Birkin bag is a leather handbag by Hermes which was named in order of a famous singer cum actress Jane Birkin. The most famous bags in the production of Hermes. Birkin bag Hermes is higher in price to compare to other leather bags from Hermes. In the year 1981 chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas had a chance of meeting Jane Birkin in a flight. Dumas found Birkin was facing some difficulties in her handbag as she was uncomfortable and that handbag was somewhat dumping the image of Birkin. In the year 1984, he presented a black leather bag based on the 1892 model which was very much liked by Birkin. From that on request of Birkin Hermes released many handbag models in the name of Birkin bag Hermes.”