Escape the Rat Race

Welcome to the community for people who are sick and tired of spending their best years in a cubicle, while life just goes by.
Get the mindset, motivation, and skills to build financial freedom, and pursue your true calling. You will learn how to use your knowledge of every day topics that you know and love, to create passive income and financial freedom. This is not an academic exercise. You only have one life to live. Don’t spend two-thirds of it in a cubicle. Get daily updates from my Personal Branding & Personal Development blog.

But why passive income, and financial freedom?

To make more time for myself. So I can spend the precious time I have on the things that I should have done. Things I have to do from birth. And time … time is the most valuable commodity in the world today. This is just about the only thing you can’t produce.

Consider this estimate:

50% of our rest time is spent recovering from work stress.
60% of our adult life is spent working on other people’s goals.
70% of us are not on our personal aspirations.

So, I want to ask:

If you win the lottery today and achieve elusive financial freedom … What will you do for the rest of your life? (That is, after you take a vacation for a year, buy a house, car, etc.) Or try this one:
How will your financial security be affected if you are fired unexpectedly, because of your own mistakes? (That never happened.)

So, if you are ready for a trip to financial freedom …

If you search the map to find buried cheese …

And if you are sick and tired sick and tired …

Come on in-Enjoy my ongoing adventure. Maybe, you will be inspired to make your own. This guide can act as your road map out of the rat race, helping you trap steps of rats and snakes in the grass.

But this is the internet,
where getting rich quick schemes and fraud is a dime a dozen.
So here’s what I plan to give:

There is no get a rich quick technique.
There was no wealth overnight.
There are no silver bullets.
There is no one-size strategy for all.
Nothing is wasted.
Yes. I know. Boring.

Consider me your travel companion – researching the map with you, helping you choose a route, letting you know when to change lanes, (and maybe nudging you when you start nodding)!

Are you a work at home mom, doing a part-time job search, or constantly yelling “I hate my job!” (rat race anger), I think you will learn something from my bad luck and learning.

Niche marketing, affiliate marketing, passive income, residual income, multi-level marketing, even infopreneurship. We will understand everything.